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Planalyzer-2 is a software tool calculating expected project delay and cost increase as a function of project management efficiency. The algorithm is based on a model of strongly correlated tasks or WBS elements sharing the same pool of human or financial resources.

Accurate prediction of project costs and durations is still challenging. Conventional "historical" modeling is based on comparison with similar projects in the past, with probability distributions of tasks and WBS elements designed by averaging multiple expert opinions. Historical approach is applied primarily to long projects with stable risk profile but is impractical for analysis of high-risk dynamic projects.

With a model of strongly correlated tasks, Planalyzer-2 calculates project uncertainty and risk in real time bringing analyst's capabilities to the project manager's desktop. Some project parameters (average task CoV and milestone delay) are calculated directly from the project file, the example is presented by a table below:

Ibico's Planalyzer-2

vPlanalyzer-2 analyzes Microsoft Project schedules and Microsoft Excel Work Breakdown Structures (WBS).
bullet Calculates probability density and cumulative probability (S-curve) of major milestones and WBS "Totals".
bullet Calculates milestone's "Tornado Charts".
bullet Compares milestone or WBS "Total" S-curves calculated without user input ("Schedule Risk") with S-curves based on user's estimate of task CoV (Coefficient of Variation) and Risk Register filled by user.
bullet Completes project analysis in several minutes (or several hours, if the project is very large, over 10,000 tasks or WBS elements).

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Customer Service

If you are experiencing a problem with our products or have questions how to interpret results, email us at support@ibico-cor.com

Tutorials and Tips

Planalyzer Tutorial describes product algorithm and major features; the users familiar with conventional "historical" approach and interested in the alternative method of analysis may download the software and test the example "Satellite" project. Those who are more interested in the specifics of risky project analysis and the new algorithm, might read the Tutorial first.



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